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  The other experience bar    

  -Now shows xp rate and time to level and other things, based on the xp this session.
  -Profiles. You can now have you settings shared between chars. They can automatically update to any changes made to the profile on other chars or you can just load the settings and change them to your heart's content.
  -Fully configurable text including position. The text can be sent to the chat EditBox with a left click on the bar too.
  -Textures can be changed for all elements.
-You can change the color and transparency for ALL elements, and can define different colors and or transparencies for different levels of rest (unrested, rested, and fully rested)
  -Almost all elements can be hidden or shown.
  -By default uses default UI tick marks so when someone asks you how many "bars" you have left 'till you level, you will know.
-Has a rested experience bar and a marker to show how far into the next level (or the next after that) you will go with rested experience.
  -Any element can be set to flash when resting.
-A GUI config screen that can be accessed by typing /beb or right clicking on the bar. The GUI config is also load on demand so it will only be loaded if you want to change something.