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0.86 Current Version
Changed: Updated toc to 10900.
Changed: BEB now no longer handles disabling itself per character. You now do that from the addons screen from the character selection screen.
Fixed: BEB.lua line 57 error on quest turn in.
Added: Strata options.
Fixed: Bar not updating properly when the height and width are changed in the General section.
Added: 3 new text variables, $nkx, $xpk and $kls.
Fixed: Errors when using $tts or $tls.
Changed: Flash code, again, in preparation for new flash options.
Added: Titan bars to the drop down menu of frames you can attach to (if Titan is installed and enabled).
Added: Two new text variables
Changed: Doubled the length (in letters) of the text string you can use.
Added: Level options for all elements, so you can adjust what each covers and what covers each element.
Fixed: Level 60 char issues.
Added: Two new bar textures.
Added: The player's unit frame in the attach to frame drop down menu.
Changed: Upped the bars max width to 2000 pixels.
Added: New exciting text variables. $tts, $rss, $rsm, $rsh, $tls and $xts all based on your xp gained this session.
Fixed: Issues using profiles.
Fixed: Text hiding when you deselect Show on Mouseover if you had logged in with it enabled.
Fixed: Show on mouseover checkbox not getting set to the current setting.
Fixed: BEB error when Show on mouseover is on for the Bar Text.
Fixed: Error in BEBOptions when Show on mouseover is on for the Bar Text. For real this time.
Fixed: Error when closing the color picker window.
Fixed: Color picker window Paste button error.
Fixed: Error in BEBOptions when Show on mouseover is on for the Bar Text.
Added: All elements can now flash when resting.
Fixed: Color button textures now update when the texture for the element is changed.
Fixed: Incorrect positioning if the attach point is CENTER and the attach to point is not CENTER.
Changed: Lots of code cleanup and streamlining. Due to this all settings will be wiped.
Added: Code to prepare for new features.
Changed: Made settings for each character PerCharacter. You should notice no change from this except slightly lower memory usage.
Fixed: Localization.lua line 171 error.
Fixed: Some localization stuff.
Fixed: BEB.lua line 227 nil error.
Added: Profiles
Fixed: Line 818 error when the bar is disabled for the character.
Added: ModWatcher friendliness.
Changed: Some text variables event cleanup.
Added: Text can now be attached to any side/corner of the bar, with any offset you'd like.
Changed: More cosmetic changes to accommodate "longer" languages in the config menu.
Added: German localization, thanks to Ovrak.
Added: Right clicking on the bar will now open and close the config screen.
Added: A new option to allow left clicking on the bar to insert the currently shown text into your chat EditBox.
Fixed: Size slider funkiness for the two ticks.
Changed: Config frame cosmetic changes.
Changed: Moved localized text to the relevant addon.
Fixed: Crash when selecting a text variable from the DropDownMenu.
Changed: BEBOptions is now a Load On Demand AddOn.
Fixed: Other issues stemming from the problem fixed be the line bellow.
Fixed: Config frame showing when the UI is loaded and BEB has been disabled from the config frame.
Fixed: Line 636 and others, Bacground typo causing errors.
Fixed: Line 160 error when the UI is loaded and BEB has been disabled from its own config screen.
Added: Copy and Paste buttons on the Color Picker Frame. These were stolen from Lozareth of Discord fame with his implicit permission and then modified a bit.
Fixed: Oops, color settings for the glow around the rested tick, the one that flashes when you are resting, has been in and working since v0.4, but I forgot to put it in the config screen.
Added: Custom textures! If the texture is in the Textures folder in BEB's folder then you just need to put in the name of the file without extension. If it is elsewhere you will need to put in the full path, i.e. Interface\\AddOns\\BEB\\Textures\\MyTexture
Added: Color options for the background. It has unrested, rested and fully rested colors now instead of just one.
Changed: The options screen has been broken out to its own addon in preparation for it being load on demand next version.
Added: Size and position options are now specific to each tick instead of being shared.

Quick fix: $plv and $mxp not updating on level up. This is WoW client issue.
Added: French localization.
Changed: Toc to mesh with new WoW patch (1.8)
Added: Small marker artwork for those that get assert errors on startup with 1024 pixel wide textures.
Added: Some pet experience text variables.
Changed: Some bits I had not made localizable.
Added: Full localizability (um, yeah that's a word). All I need now are translators. If you want to do a translation please contact me through my thread on, or via e-mail at
Added: Configurable text!!! BEB will ONLY save and apply changes to the text when you press the Enter key while the edit box has focus.
Changed: More lua/xml cleanup.

Fixed: Text not showing at all.
Fixed: "BEBXpText" showing on the bar after relogging or reloading when the text is disabled.
Added: Attachment options in the config screen.
Changed: Lua and xml cleanup.
Added: Config Screen controls for positioning.
Fixed: Concatenate error at line 62 when you level and your xp for that level is different from the values in my mod.
Fixed: Issue with elements not changing color when they should.
Changed: Max bar width. Now you can go up to 1536 pixels wide, up from 1024.
Added: Percent of the way through the level to the text.
Fixed: Error at line 471/471 for level 59 chars, thanks to Repent.
Added: /beb help. Gives a list of valid commands.
Fixed: Indexing a nil error at line 492.
Fixed: Concatenate error at line 402 if you have the text showing on mouse over, are unrested and mouse over the bar.
Added: Way more color options for every element on the bar.
Fixed: Version updating. Should work perfectly now.
Added: New slash commands, /beb [defaults, enable, disable] which will respectively load the addons default settings, enable the addon or disable the addon.
Changed: The config screen. It has been completely revamped for better use of space, and better changing of some settings.
Changed: The way the bars render so that gradually show the textures instead of gradually stretching them. This means you can replace the default textures with your own textured textures and they will render attractively.
Changed: /beb. It now toggles the config frame so it will close it if it is already shown.
Fixed: Bar display problem with characters with 0 experience.
Fixed: Potential compare with nil error for people who have hidden the rested xp bar but not the rested xp tick mark.
Fixed: Typo introduced with the last fix, would give an unexpected symbol error at lines 332 and 345 for well rested level 60 and 59 chars respectively.
Fixed: Level 60 errors at line 331 and level 59 errors in the 340s.

Fixed: Concatenate error at line 287 when unrested.
Added: Ability to resize the bar in the GUI config.
Added: Ability to change the bars font size in the GUI config.
Added: Ability to change the size of the tick marks in the GUI config.
Changed: The way the bars work, so that they look great when translucent. (Set with the opacity slider when you change the textures color)
Changed: The textures used so they play nice with resizing. Some textures will of course look... less than perfect, if you make them too big or too small.

Fixed: Potential infinite loop bug on login.
Added: Ability to change colors in the GUI config.
Changed: TOC to 1700